Puntamika – Fast Catamaran Ferry for TP Line

TP Line, a Croatian ferry company, has acquired its new fast catamaran ferry, Puntamika.

Fast catamaran ferry Puntamika acquired by TP Line ferry company
photo: Fast catamaran ferry Puntamika acquired by TP Line ferry company

This lovely fast passenger ferry, initially named ‘Majestic Grace’, was built in 2019 in Cahaya Samudra Shipyard, Indonesia, and was previously owned by Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd. It was delivered in Croatia at the beginning of 2022 and renamed ‘Puntamika

Puntamika has a capacity of 317 passengers. The total length is 39 meters with 10 meters beam. It can reach a speed of up to 30 knots.

This amazing new catamaran has been acquired to operate the fast ferry route between Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia including the islands of Hvar, Korcula, and Mljet. The current timings of this popular ferry route are departure mid-morning from Split, stopping late morning in Hvar port, Korcula, and Mljet on the way to Dubrovnik, and getting back to Split on the same route departing mid-afternoon from Dubrovnik. Here are some timetables: Split to Hvar ferry, Split to Dubrovnik ferry, and the newly introduced ferry crossing.

It is expected that this new ferry will continue to serve ferry routes in the Adriatic sea, connecting popular tourist locations including the islands and mainland such as island hopping from Hvar trips.

photo: Fast catamaran ferry Puntamika owned by TP Line ferry company, approaching the port

Videos – Puntamika showreel and in action

Here are two short videos showing the vessel at full speed:

Above video – showreel of HSC Puntamika

Above video: in action, sailing between Dubrovnik and Split

Map of its current location