Ferry Travel Tips and FAQ

What are ferries?

Ferries are vessels that transport cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles as well as passengers across a particular channel, river, sea, lake, or any other body of water.

Fast passenger catamaran ferry crossing a large body of water
Fast passenger catamaran ferry crossing a large body of water

How long do ferry trips last?

If you are travelling on a short distance, across a small lake or narrow channel your trip may last just 15 minutes. On longer ferry routes the travelling times can be 10 or even 15 hours which includes overnight crossing, which depends on the length of the trip as well as on the speed of the ferry. Some are slower while others are very fast (like the speedy catamaran-style ferries in the above photo).

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How long before the ferry departure should I arrive?

It depends on the ferry company, crossing details and the size or type of the ferry. Once you buy your ticket it will be written on your booking confirmation when is exact check-in time.

Most of the large ferry companies that run longer ferry crossings expect you to arrive at least two hours before departure. Make sure to also double-check the minimum check-in time required especially for large car (vehicle) ferries.

For small, passenger-only ferries that run short routes, check-in time is much shorter, sometimes just a few minutes prior to departure.

These types of ferries are considered a means of local public transport so passengers are treated as ones on local buses, metros or trams. Below photo shows one of them:

Small passenger ferry serving a very short crossings
Small passenger ferry serving very short crossings

Can I take a dog on a ferry?

That really depends on the ferry company’s pet policy and the facilities of the particular vessel.

Most of the ferry companies accept dogs on their ferries under certain conditions – these are either that dog is kept on a leash or in a separate cage, if that facility exists on the particular vessel. Some larger ferries are even equipped with dog-friendly cabins where you can accommodate your pet too.

If you plan to travel with any other pet (cat, squirrel, hamster, hedgehog, etc) the best option is to get in touch with a specific ferry company to get info about their policy for that type of animal.

Note: Car alarms are distressing for passengers & their pets. Alarms are triggered by ship movement & vibrations. Please consider disarming your alarm during your sailing.

Island hopping, views from the deck of a local ferry
Island hopping, views from the deck of a local ferry
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