Venice to Dubrovnik by Ferry

Getting by ferry from Venice to Dubrovnik may be among the most interesting sea crossings in the Adriatic. It is particularly good for summertime when calm and sunny sailings can be such a relaxing experience.

There is no direct ferry nor car ferry line that connects Venice and Dubrovnik. It used to be one that has been for some reason, discontinued year ago.

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If you carefully plan this journey the whole experience can be really interesting. It includes visiting Venice and Ancona in Italy as well Split and perhaps some of the Croatian islands on your way to Dubrovnik.

All ferries and catamarans involved are air-conditioned, fairly comfortable offering lovely views over the sea and the coastline. See also what to wear on ferry suggestions.

The total time involved in spending on a ferry and catamarans is about 28 hours and includes two transfers, waiting time and an overnight ferry crossing. The total price for a basic, deck passenger ferry tickets is from 94 Euro.

Views over Dubrovnik's Old Port
Views over Dubrovnik’s Old Port

Venice to Dubrovnik ferry schedules

If you would like to to get from Venice to Dubrovnik solely by ferry, at the time of writing this article there is just one option:

If you don’t mind to use a bus for a small portion of the whole trip, then consider also this option:

  • Take a ferry from Venice to Pula, change at Pula and get on the ferry to Zadar – see detailed info about how to get by ferry from Venice to Zadar
  • From Zadar get on a bus to Split
  • From Split get on a ferry to Dubrovnik
Jadrolinija's ferry Marko Polo crosses the Adriatic from Ancona to Split
Jadrolinija’s ferry Marko Polo crosses the Adriatic from Ancona to Split

Which ferry crossings to use?

The option no 1, via Ancona, takes 21 hours on ferries and additional waiting time in Ancona of 7 hrs. No waiting is really involved in Split, just a transfer time of about 1 hour. The total basic cost is 65 Euro + 29 Euro = 94 Euro. The cost will be increased if you choose to book cabins on the overnight ferry crossing.

The second option, via Pula, Zadar and Split, will take you two overnights. One in Pula and another in Zadar or Split. This option is a good one if you intend to do some stopovers or island hopping along the way. If you choose this option, you can see all of the eastern coasts of the Adriatic Sea from the north to the south. For detailed ferry schedules and prices and possible detours, check also website.

Ticket booking and cost

An advance booking for both itineraries is important. You don’t want to end up being stuck for a day or two on your way to Dubrovnik especially if your accommodation is booked in advance. Here is where to book your tickets:

  • For the first leg of your journey, Venice to Ancona book your ticket here
  • The second leg of the journey, Ancona to Split, ticket booking is here
  • For the third leg of the journey, Split to Dubrovnik, book your ticket here
  • The total estimated one-way cost for the whole trip is 94 Euro for a deck passenger.
  • The alternative is to fly, take a train or bus – check here
Relaxing on the last leg of trip - approach to Dubrovnik by Krilo or Jadrolinija Catamaran
Relaxing on the last leg of trip – approach to Dubrovnik by fast catamaran

Dubrovnik to Venice by ferry

For the return journey, Dubrovnik to Venice, you will start your trip in the early morning at 07:00 from Dubrovnik, arriving in Split at about 13:00 hrs. Spend a day in Split and take evening ferry to Ancona. From Ancona, change for a ferry to Venice. Bear in mind that ferries from Ancona to Venice are sailing just twice a week. You will arrive in Venice at about 1:30 after midnight. See more details here. This journey will also cost about 94 Euro for a deck passenger.

See also this article where the alternative travel options including buses, trains and flight are described in much more details.

Journey Map

On the above map, you can see the 4 steps ferry journey: Venice-Ancona-Split-Dubrovnik as described above.

Ferry Video:

Fast catamaran ferry that sails from Split to Dubrovnik

On the above video, you can see a small portion of the journey by fast catamaran ferry that sails from Split to Dubrovnik. See other videos on pages that are mentioned above.

People Also Ask:

Is there a direct ferry service between Venice and Dubrovnik?

No, there is no direct ferry from Venice to Dubrovnik. But, there are ferries departing from Venice and arriving at Dubrovnik via Ancona and Split in Croatia. The journey, including two transfers, waiting time and one overnight crossing, takes about 28 hours in total.

If you tried this journey I would love to hear your impressions – let me know about your experience, get in touch

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