Bari to Dubrovnik ferry

Bari to Dubrovnik ferry is run by Jadrolinija ferry company. It sails from April to October. Dubrovnik to Bari is mostly an overnight ferry with a journey time of about 10 hours. The ferry is sailing from two to four times a week, depending on the season. Here are the schedules, bookings, and prices.

Jadrolinija ferry in Dubrovnik port
Jadrolinija ferry in Dubrovnik port

Schedules and timetables

Bari – Dubrovnik – Bari Ferry schedules and Timetables    
06. 04. – 20. 05.
Departs DubrovnikMon 22:00Wed 22:00
Arrives BariTue 08:00Thu 08:00
Departs BariTue 21:00Thu 21:00
Arrives DubrovnikWed 08:00Fri 08:00
19. 05.– 13.06. and 05 – 31.10
Departs DubrovnikMon 22:00Fri 22:00
Arrives BariTue 08:00Sat 08:00
Departs BariThu 21:00Sat 21:00
Arrives DubrovnikFri 08:00Sun 08:00
14.06.– 09.07. and 05.09. – 03.10.
Departs DubrovnikMon 22:00Fri 22:00Sun 12:00
Arrives BariTue 08:00Sat 08:00Sun 19:30
Departs BariThu 21:00Sat 21:00Sun 22:00
Arrives DubrovnikFri 08:00Sun 08:00Mon 08:00
10 – 20.07
Departs DubrovnikMon 22:00Fri 12:00Sun 12:00
Arrives BariTue 08:00Fri 19:30Sun 19:30
Departs BariThu 21:00Sat 22:00Sun 22:00
Arrives DubrovnikFri 08:00Sun 08:00Mon 08:00
21.07 – 16.08
Departs DubrovnikMon 22:00Thu 12:00Sat 12:00Sun 12:00
Arrives BariTue 08:00Thu 19:30Sat 19:30Sun 19:30
Departs BariWed 22:00Fri 22:00Sat 22:00Sun 22:00
Arrives DubrovnikThu 08:00Sat 08:00Sun 08:00Mon 08:00
17 and 18.08
Departs DubrovnikMon 12:00
Arrives BariMon 19:30
Departs BariTue 22:00
Arrives DubrovnikWed 08:00
19.08 – 04.09
Departs DubrovnikWed 22:00Fri 22:00Sat 22:00Sun 22:00
Arrives BariThu 08:00Sat 08:00Sun 08:00Mon 08:00
Departs BariTue 21:00Fri 12:00Sat 12:00Sun 12:00
Arrives DubrovnikWed 08:00Fri 19:30Sat 19:30Sun 19:30
01 – 26.11
Departs DubrovnikSun 22:00
Arrives BariMon 08:00
Departs BariThu 21:00
Arrives DubrovnikFri 08:00

Deck and Cabin Prices

Prices for cabins and deck passengers    
Cabins and DeckAccommodationLow Season (EUR)High Season (EUR)Weekend (EUR)
Supplement for*
SReclining seat899.5
CB3/43/4-berth inside cabin/washbasin2325.527.5
CC2/3/42/3/4-berth couchette323538.5
CB22-berth inside cabin/washbasin323538.5
C33-berth outside cabin/washbasin3538.542
BB3/43/4-berth inside cabin / WC3538.542
B3/43/4-berth outside cabin / WC3538.542
C22-berth outside cabin/washbasin404448
AB3/43/4-berth inside cabin / SH / WC404448
BB22-berth inside cabin / WC4448.553
B22-berth outside cabin / WC4650.555
A3/43/4-berth outside cabin SH / WC4650.555
AB22-berth inside cabin /SH / WC50.555.560.5
A22-berth outside cabin SH / WC596571
LX22-berth deluxe outside cabin SH / WC / TV / Bar85.594102.5

Dubrovnik – Bari ferry Car Prices

Prices for cars, motorcycles, trailers and bicycles    
VehiclesLow Season (EUR)High Season (EUR)Weekend (EUR)
Car (up to 9 seats) up to 5.00 m length5358.563.5
Car (up to 9 seats) over 5.00 m length9099108
Motorcycle with side-car, baggage trailer up to 3.00 m length3437.541
Sleeping car, camper,
trailer, boat trailer over 3.00 m
up to 5.00 m length9099108
from 5.01 to 7.00 m length114125.5137
over 7.00 m length132145158.5

As this is mostly an overnight ferry crossing, it is advisable to book the cabin well in advance. Also, make sure you wear suitable clothing and footwear. This is a good route if you plan to travel further to Albania as from Bari you can get to ferry to Durres or to Saranda.

Approach to Border Crossing for Dubrovnik to Bari ferry
Approach to Border Crossing for Dubrovnik to Bari ferry

Dubrovnik Ferry Port

Ferry port in Dubrovnik from which all ferries to Bari are departing is located in the Gruz, Dubrovnik. Address: Obala Pape Ivana Pavla II, br.1, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia; +385 20 313 333 – see more info about Dubrovnik Ferry port

Follow the sign for Ferry to Bari @ Dubrovnik ferry port
Follow the sign for Ferry to Bari @ Dubrovnik ferry port

Video – Dubrovnik to Bari car ferry

Embarking Dubrovnik to Bari car ferry

Journey Map