Bari to Saranda (Sarandë) Ferry

Bari to Saranda (Sarandë) and Sarandë to Bari ferry is run by just one ferry company – Ventouris Ferries. Ferries are crossing from both ports from mid-July to early September, twice a week. The journey between Sarandë and Bari lasts 11 hours with an overnight ferry sailing between Albania and Italy, crossing the Ionian Sea. The distance between Bari and Saranda is 161 nautical miles (about 298 km).

Update: This is a newly introduced summer holidays ferry route connecting Italy with Albania. Here are the schedules, booking and prices:

Saranda (Sarandë), Albania
Saranda (Sarandë), Albania

Schedules and timetables Bari – Sarandë Ferry

DaysDepartures BariArrival Saranda
First departure at 15.07Wednesday 22:00Thursday 09:00
Sunday 22:00Monday 09:00
Last departure 02.09Wednesday 22:00 Thursday 09:00

Schedules and timetables Sarandë – Bari Ferry

DaysDepartures SarandaArrival Bari
First departure on 16.07Thursday 21:00Friday 08:00
Monday 21:00Tuesday 08:00
Last departure on 03.09Thursday 21:00Friday 08:00

The usual timetable is a departure from Bari at 22:00 arrival following morning in Saranda at 09:00. Departure from Saranda at 21:00 and arrival in Bari following morning at 08:00. Check carefully the latest schedules for your chosen dates – see here.

Deck and Cabin Prices

Cabin Type Deck and Cabin Fares Mid Season (EUR) High Season (EUR)
A22 bed outside cabin with shower & WC140150
A33 bed outside cabin with shower & WC130149
A44-bed outside cabin with shower & WC 120130
B22 bed outside without facilities100120
B33 bed inside without facilities105115
SAir Seats7080
DDeck Passengers6070

See the article about ferry cabins & how to choose your cabin

Car Ferry Prices

Cars, Minibus, Caravans PricesMid season (EUR)High season (EUR)
Cars & SUVs6080
Caravans, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers up to 3.00 m length4565
Minibuses, Caravans, Campers, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers from 3.01 m to 5.00 m length80100
Minibuses, Caravans, Campers, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers from 5.01 m to 7.00 m length120140
Minibuses, Caravans, Campers, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers over 7.01 m length150170
Motorcycles & Scooters3545

As this is the overnight crossing is advisable to book the cabin or seat well in advance and wear suitable clothing and footwear.

Boarding the ferry

  • Check details and the location of the Saranda ferry port including where to park, where to store your luggage and how to get there
  • Check the location of Bari ferry port including where to check-in, where to store your luggage, how to get there and where to get your boarding pass.
  • Arrive in the departure terminal at least 3 hours prior to departure and make sure, if you are starting from Bari, to get your boarding pass well in advance (see info here). This is not important if you are starting from Saranda as check-in and boarding are on the same location.
  • Have your travel documents, including visa, ready for border crossings
  • If you booked a cabin, pick up your cabin keys at the ferry’s reception. If you are deck passenger, just proceed to deck or lounge.
Bari in Italy, Marina and Boats
Bari in Italy, Marina and Boats

Saranda to Bari Ferry Crossing Map

The alternative ferry crossings are Brindisi to Vlora and Durres to Bari. Check also porto bari website and site for any last-minute updates.

Video – Bari to Saranda Car ferry

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