Located at the waterfront of this northern Adriatic Italian city, Trieste ferry port and cruise terminal are within the walking distance from the city center and its squares, landmarks, hotels, and markets.

Car ferries to and from Italy to Albania and fast ferries to/from Slovenia and Croatia (Istria) arrive and depart from here. You can get direct international overnight crossing to Albania, from where you can continue your journey with other ferries further to Greece and across the Mediterranean. The alternative international ferry crossings ports are in Venice, Ancona, Bari, and Brindisi.

Port of Trieste in Italy

Ferry Crossings to and from Trieste

Here is a table with details of all ferry crossings to and from Trieste. You can sail from here to Durres in Albania, to Piran in Slovenia and Mali Losinj, Porec, and Rovinj in Croatia.

Ferry CrossingsCountryFerry CompanyFrequency per weekCrossing DurationBooking
Trieste – DurresAlbaniaAdria Ferries3 – 526 hoursget price
TriestePiranSloveniaLiberty Lines1-2 (July & August)40 minutes
TriesteMali LosinjCroatiaLiberty Lines1-2 (July & August)3.5 hrs
TriestePorecCroatiaLiberty Lines1-2 (July & August)1.5 hrs
TriesteRovinjCroatiaLiberty Lines1-2 (July & August)1.5 hrs
TriestePulaCroatiaLiberty Lines1-2 (July & August)2.5 hrs

Getting To Trieste Ferry port

Getting to Trieste ferry port and passenger terminal is fairly straightforward. The passenger terminal is situated very close to the city’s main bus and railway station, only about 15 minutes walk from the terminal, and about 20 min drive from the Airport.

How to get from Trieste Airport to Ferry terminal

Trieste Airport (Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport) – (TRS) is about 40 km away from the ferry terminal.

By Bus

Regular, hourly 40-50 minutes bus shuttle service between Trieste town center and the airport (TRS). Take bus line 51. The service is run by APT Gorizia bus company (aptgorizia.it). The cost of a one-way ticket is about 4.5 Euro. Buy your ticket on the bus.

By Train

There are regular, two to three times an hour, 30 minutes train journeys to Trieste Centrale Train Station from the local airport. The one-way fare is about 4.5 Euro. Check current schedules on the Trenitalia website: trenitalia.com

By Car or Taxi

The road distance between the airport and the ferry port is about 40 kilometers. To reach the ferry terminal, it will take about 20 minutes.

For more info check local transport website Trieste Transporti: triestetrasporti.it

Getting from Trieste railway and bus station to the ferry terminal

The distance between the ferry terminal to train and bus station is about a few hundred meters. If you don’t have heavy luggage you can walk there in about 15 minutes. If your luggage is too heavy, take a local taxi.

Trieste railway station address: Stazione Trieste Centrale Piazza della Libertà, 11, 34132 Trieste TS, Italy (GPS: 45.657520, 13.772130)

Right next to the station building is also the main bus terminal from where you can get a bus or the train to the rest of the country as well as international lines, including the airport bus.

If you’re arriving in Trieste by train, bus, or plane and head to the ferry port, leave your luggage in the storage at the station.

Luggage Storage in Trieste Ferry Port

There is luggage storage close to the ferry terminal itself (Deposito Bagagli – Bags Storage Trieste) as well as in the railway station and in the main bus terminal. The cost is about 5 Euro per bag per day. You can book online.

Check-in, ticket office, ferry boarding

  • get to the ferry port at least 2 hrs prior to your departure
  • get your boarding pass in the ferry check-in office
  • the immigration procedure is just before the boarding
  • check live info about arrival and departures of ferries in Trieste here

Parking in Trieste ferry port

If you are just picking up or dropping someone then you can park off-street very close to the terminal. However, for long-stay parking, you have to park your car in the designated long-stay parking lots. There are several parking lots nearby, see all info here – parking @ terminal triesteterminal.it

Port Map – Trieste Ferry Terminal

Check all locations in the large map

Trieste Ferry Port Address

Via dello Scalo Legnami,34146 Trieste TS, Italy

Punto Franco Vecchio,Molo IV,1,34132 Trieste TS,Italy

Waterfront Café near ferry terminal
Waterfront Café near ferry terminal

Hotels near ferry port – Where to stay

The nearest and most convenient places to stay with easy access to the port are all listed here.

What to do while waiting for the ferry

Miramare Castle (Castello di Miramare) is a magnificent and romantic 19th-century Habsburg castle, an ideal place to visit if you have a few spared hours while waiting for a ferry.

It is situated in the Miramare park (Viale Miramare, 34151 Trieste, Italy) which is just over 7 kilometers from the ferry terminal.

The fastest way to visit it is to take 15 minutes ride by the local taxi, or if you have enough time, take the local bus, number 6. See detailed info about this amazing castle here

Miramare Castle Castello di Miramare

If you have a short time to spend only, then walking along the sea in the port, along the piers is nice. You can get coffee or drinks at several waterfront bars/restaurants (see photo above). It is actually a very pleasant way to spend a few hours if the weather is nice.


A short intro video that features a town, port, and nearby castle with boats docking in on a sunny day


  • Is there a ferry from Trieste to Venice? There are no ferries from Trieste to Venezia.
  • How do I get from Trieste to Croatia? How far is Trieste from Croatia? The distance between Trieste and Croatia is 250 kilometers. Take a bus to Istria or Rijeka. It takes about two hours.
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