Ferries from Italy to Albania

Ferries from Italy to Albania run from 4 Italian ferry ports: Trieste, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi arriving in Durres, Vlora (Vlorë) and Saranda (Sarandë). They are operated by 6 ferry companies: Grandi Navi Veloci, Adria Ferries, Ventouris Ferries, Red Star Ferries, European Ferries and European Seaways.

Albania ferry routes

The most frequent route is sailing from Bari to Durres that runs up to 12 times per week. The shortest journey is from Brindisi to Vlora, which lasts about 7 hrs 30 min. The longest journey is from Trieste to Durres, the overnight journey lasts about 26 hours.

All ferries that serve these routes are car ferries, offering an onboard selection of accommodation cabins, passengers lounges, restaurant, shop and access to outside decks (dress appropriately)

Onboard of ferry from Italy to Albania
Onboard the ferry from Italy to Albania

What is available – and overview: starting from North Italy and moving South, here is a list of available ferry routes between these countries:

Trieste Durres Ferry

Trieste to Durres ferries is currently sailing just once a week. They are run by Adria Ferries company. The duration of this overnight voyage is 26 hours.

Lovely coastline of  Durrës
The lovely coastline of Durrës (Drač)

Ancona Durres Ferry

Ancona to Durres ferries is currently sailing 3 to 5 times a week. They are run by Adria Ferries company. The duration of this overnight voyage is 16 hours.

Durres to Ancona – a short video clip shot by a passenger

Bari Durres Ferry

Bari to Durres ferries is currently sailing 12 times a week. They are run by three companies: Adria Ferries, Grandi Navi Veloci and Ventouris Ferries. The duration of journeys is between 8 and 9 hours, depending on the company and the specific route.

Italy to Albania – Bari to Durres by ferry

Brindisi Vlora (Vlorë) Ferry

Ferry guided to Brindisi, Italy

Ferries from Brindisi to Vlora (Vlore) are currently sailing 6 to 7 times a week. They are run by European Seaways. The duration of journeys is about 7 hours and 30 minutes. This is also an overnight route (departs 23:30 arrives at 06:30). The return route from Vlora is a daytime crossing.

Here is a video of St Damian ferry, owned by European Ferries, that serves this route:

Brindisi Saranda (Sarandë) Ferry

Ferries from Brindisi to Saranda (Sarandë) are currently sailing just in July, August and September two times a week on Thursdays and Sundays. They are run by Red Star Ferry. The duration of this overnight journeys is about 11 hours.

Brindisi to Saranda (Sarandë) is a seasonal ferry route that is currently in operation just two times a week – on Thursdays and Sundays in July, August and September.

Run by Red Star Ferries, the duration of this Italy to Albania overnight journey is about 11 hours. Return journey from Saranda to Brindisi lasts 8, hrs and 30 minutes.

Saranda (Sarandë) – Albania

Schedules & Prices

  • Departures from Brindisi at 20:00, arrival in Saranda at 7:00 following morning
  • Departures from Saranda at 12:00, arrival in Brindisi at 20:30
  • Prices deck passengers – From 60 Euro one way
  • Prices cars – from 70 Euro one way
  • In operation July & August
  • see the latest info at Saranda to Brindisi ferry page

Also, check recently introduced Bari to Saranda ferry crossing that runs just in summers, but still a good option for visiting Albania from Italy or getting to Italy from Albania.

How to Get from Italy to Albania by ferry

  • Adria Ferries

    Adria Ferries ferry company is a well-established shipping company that serves ferry lines across the Adriatic sea, connecting Italy and Albania. Fleet Adria ferries ferry has a fleet of 3 ships: AF Claudia, AF Franceska, and Af Marina. All three ships serve ferry routes between Italia and Albania – here are basic statistics: Ship Lenght Accommodation Capacity Garage Speed AF...
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  • Bari Ferry Port

    Situated at the waterfront of this lovely Italian city, Bari ferry port and passenger terminal are within the walking distance from this vibrant city’s squares, hotels, markets, and several amazing landmarks. Car ferries to and from Albania, Greece, and Croatia all arrive and depart from here. From here you can get direct international overnight crossing to Croatia, Albania, and Greece...
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  • Trieste to Durres Ferry

    Trieste to Durres ferry is run by Adria Ferries ferry company. It sails all year round, once a week. The journey lasts 26 hours. It is an overnight ferry with departures at noon and arrivals the next early afternoon to Durres. This is a popular ferry route that connects Italy with Albania and back. Here are the schedules, bookings, and prices. Schedules and timetables Ferry Route...
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  • Trieste Ferry Port

    Located at the waterfront of this northern Adriatic Italian city, Trieste ferry port and cruise terminal are within the walking distance from the city center and its squares, landmarks, hotels, and markets. Car ferries to and from Italy to Albania and fast ferries to/from Slovenia and Croatia (Istria) arrive and depart from here. You can get direct international overnight crossing to Albania, from where you can continue...
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  • Bari to Saranda (Sarandë) Ferry

    Bari to Saranda (Sarandë) and Sarandë to Bari ferry is run by just one ferry company – Ventouris Ferries. Ferries are crossing from both ports from mid-July to early September, twice a week. The journey between Sarandë and Bari lasts 11 hours with an overnight ferry sailing between Albania and Italy, crossing the Ionian Sea. The distance between Bari and Saranda is 161 nautical miles (about 298 km). Update: This is...
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  • Brindisi to Saranda (Sarandë) Ferry

    Brindisi to Saranda (Sarandë) and Saranda to Brindisi ferry is run by one ferry company – Red Star Ferries. It sails from July to mid-September, twice a week, from both ports connecting Albania with Italy. The journey between Brindisi and Saranda lasts 10 hours, while from Saranda to Brindisi crossing lasts 8,5 hours. It is a daytime ferry from Brindisi and an overnight ferry crossing from...
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  • Saranda (Sarandë) Ferry Port

    Saranda (Sarandë) Ferry Port, Albania is situated in the very center of the city at the western end of the main sea promenade. Foot passenger and car ferries to and from Brindisi in Italy and Corfu in Greece arrive and depart from this spot. From here, you can cross to Italy and Greece using several ferry crossings (see below). The alternative international ferry ports are in Durres and...
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  • Vlora (Vlorë) Ferry Port

    Vlora (Vlore) Ferry Port, Albania is nested inside the very large bay at the very sea promenade. Car ferries to and from Brindisi, Italy arrive and depart from this spot. For time being, this is the only direct international crossing. From here, you can cross to Italy and get other ferries further to Greece, Croatia and beyond. The alternative international ferry...
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  • Brindisi to Vlora (Vlorë) Ferry

    Brindisi to Vlora (Vlorë) ferry is run by 2 ferry companies – European Seaways and European Ferries. It sails all year round, 6 days per week, with no Sunday sailings. The journey lasts between 5 and 7 hours, depending on the route. It is daytime as well as an overnight ferry crossing. The distance between Brindisi and Vlore is 72 nautical miles. A very...
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  • Brindisi Ferry Port

    Brindisi Ferry Port is situated within the large, sheltered bay right next to the city’s centre and sea promenade. Passenger terminal Costa Morena is a ferry terminal from where all ferries to and from Albania and Greece are arriving and departing. Brindisi Ferry Crossings Here is a table with details of all ferry crossings to and from Brindisi. From here,...
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Map of ferries from Italy to Albania

Here is a map of all ferry lines that serve between these two countries.

Traveling by ferry between Albania and Italy involves a long journey across the Adriatic Sea. Check also ferry travel tips to get better prepared for it.