Adria Ferries

Adria Ferries ferry company is a well-established shipping company that serves ferry lines across the Adriatic sea, connecting Italy and Albania.


Adria ferries ferry has a fleet of 3 ships: AF Claudia, AF Franceska, and Af Marina. All three ships serve ferry routes between Italia and Albania – here are basic statistics:

AF Claudia187 m76 cabins, 207 lounge seats1000 passengers2044 m (linear) 23 knots
AF Franceska148 m296 cabins2100 passengers 850 m (linear)18 knots
AF Marina168 m119 cabins, 125 lounge seats639 passengers1500 m (linear) 19 knots

Ferry lines / Routes

Adria Ferries ferry company runs ferry routes between Italy and Albania. At the present they service the following ferry lines:

  1. Ancona Durres / Durres Ancona – several times per week sailings
  2. Bari Durres / Durres Bari – couple a time per day sailing
  3. Trieste Durres / Durres Trieste – once a week sailings

Onboard facilities

Ferry AF Claudia

Claudia ship has the following facilities:

  • Self-service restaurant, main bar, bar in the self-service restaurant
  • duty-free shop
  • satellite TV
  • pet cabins

Ferry AF Franceska

Francesca ship has the following facilities:

  • À la carte restaurant and pizzeria
  • self-service restaurant, main bar, American bar
  • sandwich and kebab shop
  • ice cream shop
  • duty-free shop
  • children’s play area
  • snack area
  • smokers’ area
  • satellite TV
  • pet cabins

AF Marina

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • self-service restaurant
  • bar with relaxation area
  • duty-free shop
  • satellite TV
  • pet cabins

WIFI Connections

Adria Ferries offers free WiFi on their AF Marina ferry. The other two ferries, AF Claudia and AF Francesca at the present do not have free nor paid WiFi facilities. However, you can use your own mobile phone (roaming) data instead.

Contact & Social

If you need to contact Adria Ferries company or agency, here are the updated info:

Phone number – Durres Office: +355 522 201 05
Phone number – Ancona Office: +39 071 5021 1621