Brindisi to Vlora (Vlorë) Ferry

Brindisi to Vlora (Vlorë) ferry is run by 2 ferry companies – European Ferries, Red Star and A-Ships Management. It sails all year round, 6 days per week, with no Sunday sailings. The journey lasts between 5 and 7 hours, depending on the route. It is daytime as well as an overnight ferry crossing. The distance between Brindisi and Vlore is 72 nautical miles.

A very popular ferry route connecting Italy with Albania is recently improved with the introduction of a new, faster and more comfortable ferry boat Prince. Here are the schedules, booking and prices:

Brindisi to Vlora (Vlorë) Ferry
Ferry Prince by European Seaways

Schedules and timetables

Ferry RouteTime
Departs Brindisi23:30
Arrives Vlora06:25
Departs Vlora14:00
Arrives Brindisi19:00
  • Monday to Saturday daily timetable, no Sunday departures
  • Departures from Brindisi to Vlora is an overnight ferry while Vlora to Brindisi is day time car ferry crossing.

The usual timetable is a departure from Brindisi at 23:30 arrival the following morning in Vlora at 06:25. Departure from Vlora at 14:00 and arrival in Brindisi at 19:00. Make sure you check carefully the latest schedules for your particular dates – here.

Deck and Cabin Prices

Deck and Cabin Fares Low season (EUR) Mid Season (EUR) High Season (EUR)
LUX2/3/4 bed outside cabin with shower & WC
A2/3/4 bed outside cabin with shower & WC686868
AB2/3/4 bed inside cabin with shower & WC
CB2/3/4 bed inside cabin with shower & WC (lower deck)616161
B2/3/4 bed outside without facilities
BB2/3/4 bed inside without facilities
C2/3/4 dormitories without facilities (lower deck)
SAir Seats474747
DDeck Passengers405555

Car Prices

Cars, Minibus, Caravans PricesLow season (EUR)Mid-season (EUR)High season (EUR)
Cars & SUVs545454
Caravans, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers up to 3.00 m length
Minibuses, Caravans, Campers, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers from 3.01 m to 5.00 m length545454
Minibuses, Caravans, Campers, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers from 5.01 m to 7.00 m length626262
Minibuses, Caravans, Campers, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers over 7.01 m length787878
Motorcycles & Scooters222222

(Timetables, Passenger and Vehicle Fares)

It is advisable to book the cabin or seat well in advance and wear suitable clothing and footwear, especially for overnight crossings.

Boarding the ferry

  • Check where is the exact location of the ferry terminal (see map and address below)
  • Arrive at the departure terminal at least 2 hours prior to departure.
  • Have your travel documents ready for border crossings
  • If you booked a cabin, you have to check in at the ferry reception where you also pick up your cabin keys. Deck passengers proceed to the ferry lounge/deck space.

Brindisi Ferry Port

The Ferry port in Brindisi from which all ferries to Vlora are departing and arriving is situated about 4 km from the main train station and 8 km away from the Salento airport.

Address: E90, 72100 Pedagne BR, Porto di Brindisi, Italy; Giovanna di Bulgaria, Viale Regina Margherita, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy +39 0831 522203

Waterfront in Brindisi harbour and port, Italy
Waterfront in Brindisi harbour and port, Italy

Vlora (Vlorë) Ferry Port

The Ferry port in Vlora from which all ferries to Brindisi are departing and arriving is located in the centre of the town. Address: Vlorë, Albania; GPS: 40.452436, 19.483483 ; +355 33 409 700

Seafront promenade in Vlore, Albania
Seafront promenade in Vlore, Albania


Onboard of Red Star ferry to Vlore

Brindisi to Vlora ferry Map


What is the distance between Brindisi and Vlora?

The distance between Brindisi to Vlora is approximately 72 nautical miles or 133 km.

How often does the Brindisi – Vlora ferry sail?

You can usually take this ferry 6-7 times a week, once per day, depending on the season.

How long does the Brindisi to Vlora crossing take?

The travel time of this ferry route is around 7 hours. Add extra time for check-in and boarding/border crossing procedures. How long in advance you need to be in the port is written on your ticket or on the ferry operator’s website.

Which ferry companies sail on Brindisi to Vlora crossing?

This ferry route is currently operated by Red Star, European Ferries and A-Ships Management

The alternative ferry crossings are Brindisi to Sarande, Bari to Durres & Ancona to Durres.