Jadrolinija is constructing three brand-new electrically powered ferry boats

Jadrolinija, the Croatian state-owned ferry company has initiated a public bidding process for the construction of three electricity-driven passenger ferry boats.

Jadrolinija's fast ferry
Photo: Jadrolinija‘s fast ferry

Three new ferries, when built, should sail in the Dubrovnik area, on line 807 Suđurađ – Dubrovnik, sailing from Dubrovnik to the Sipan, Lopud, and Kolocep (the Elafiti Islands), currently served by ship Postira.

Another one is in the Šibenik area, where they will maintain line 505, connections between Sibenik and Prvić, Zlarin, and other islands in the Archipelago and Vodice, currently served by ship Tijat.

The third one will serve the Lošinj archipelago, Mali Losinj to Susak, on line 310 currently served by ship Premuda.

Vessel Details

The ships will be powered by electricity with additional solar power, with charging mainly done through ports, on the mainland, and on the islands. However, a diesel generator will also be installed on the ships for charging the batteries in case of power outages or if the ship needs to sail to a distant port for repairs or due to bad weather. They can also serve other lines as needed.

The primary method of charging the batteries will be through connections in the ports, on the mainland, and on the islands, where adequate infrastructure must be built for their charging.

A supplementary source of electrical energy will be a photovoltaic power plant installed on the roof of the solar deck, covering an area of 90 square meters.

Each of the ferries will be between 45 to 50 meters long and 12 m wide and will have the capacity to carry 390 passengers and 8 crew members, with a speed of 12 knots. The estimated value of the project is 45 million euros.

The exciting news is that these three ferry boats will be ready to sail the beautiful Adriatic sea by 2026. What a thrill it will be to embark on a journey aboard these vessels!