Orebic to Dubrovnik By Ferry

When visiting Orebić, a lovely small town situated on the southern slopes of Peljesac, that offers beautiful pebbly beaches, an amazing coastline, and breathtaking views over the sea and mountain, you indeed want to visit Dubrovnik too.

Dubrovnik is just up the road, about 2 hrs drive from there. But while on the summer beach holiday, you prefer to travel by ferry, don’t you? (see island hopping info)

If you try to find out how to get from Orebic to Dubrovnik by ferry, you will notice that there are no listed ferry connections between these two places. You can easily find a way how to get there by bus or by car, as there is a daily bus connection between these two places, but ferries are not available.

Is it true? Yes, it is. But there is a solution for it – here is what you have to do to reach Dubrovnik from Orebic without getting into the car or bus – keep reading:

 Orebic to Dubrovnik by ferry, on board, outside deck
Orebic to Dubrovnik by ferry, outside deck and views

Step-by-step guide

  1. Get up early and take the morning ferry boat shuttle from Orebic to Korcula Town. Make sure to be in Korcula Town before 10 am.
  2. From Korcula Town take a fast catamaran ferry boat that goes at 10 am from Korcula to Dubrovnik also stopping in Pomena on the Mljet island. You don’t have to change in Mljet! Just sit and relax – the ferry will just stop there for a few minutes to allow passengers to and from Mljet to embark and disbark. As soon as it is finished, the ferry will continue its journey. This part of the journey lasts about 30 minutes and offers the most amazing views over the sea.
  3. From Mljet, the ferry will continue to speed up towards Dubrovnik and in about one and a half hours you will arrive at Gruz ferry terminal, the town’s popular west harbor and port. This is the last stop of this ferry route, so you can’t miss it.
  4. Disembark there and get a bus or taxi to the Old Town. Spend a day exploring the Old Town (suggested itinerary), hop on the Lokrum ferry and make sure you are back in the same ferry terminal by 4 pm as that is the time when your speedy ferry will take you back home.
  5. The back home journey is along the same route: First stop is on Mljet island, picking up passengers from there and continuing to Korcula Town. Make sure you disembark in Korcula Town! Listen carefully to announcements from the ferry crew about which port is the next stop. If you forget to do that, you will be taken to Hvar and Brac island and further away from Orebic with no option to get back home on the same day.
  6. You will arrive in Korcula Town at about 6:20 pm. Get to the dock of your small ferry shuttle to Orebic. From there, another 15 minutes of channel crossing and you are back home!

Note: If you are looking to travel vice-versa – from Dubrovnik to Orebic by ferry, apply the same journey info, just get up early in Dubrovnik to get your morning ferry to Korcula Town. After that, proceed as above.

Video clip of the second leg of your journey

Ferry schedules and tickets

Check all ferry timetables on croatiaferries.com – browse there for detailed info about all legs of your journey.

Advance booking for the small shuttle boat Orebic to Korcula town, the first leg of your journey is not available. You will buy these tickets once you arrive in Orebic. However, if you already know your exact travel time, make sure you buy your Korcula to Dubrovnik tickets in advance as, depending on the season, these tickets sell fast. The online booking panel is here

Journey Map

On the above map, you can see all the steps in the journey. Follow 1-2-3 -4 and you are there in no time!