Pula to Split by Ferry

Sailing by ferry from Pula to Split could be a very nice sea crossing and a great opportunity to see the Croatian coast by ferry. There are currently no direct ferries connecting these two cities but you can use a combination of ferry and bus transport options to reach your destination.

The total distance between Pula and Split is 260 km and the time involved for this route is at least 8 hours with one daily departure option. Here is what is available:

Split ferry port with views of high speed ferries

Schedules, Tickets & Cost

RouteTime*FrequencyTicket Price
Departs Pula (Ferry)2-5 times a weekearly morning27 Euro
– Arrives Zadar5 hrs later
Departs Zadar (Bus)dailyseveral times per day17 Euro
– Arrives Split2-3 hrs later
Total Cost44 Euro
* available all year round

The first leg of the trip is Pula to Zadar ferry, this part of the journey lasts just under 5 hours. Departing in the early morning at about 7:00 you will get to Zadar just before noon. From here, you can get to several times per day on the bus to Split. The ticket price for this part is about 27 euros single, one-way ticket. Note: As this is not always a daily ferry route, double-check the schedules.  On its way to Zadar, the ferry stops in several Kvarner islands (see island hopping info)

The second leg of the trip is Zadar to Split journey – this part of the journey lasts 2 to 3 hours, depending on the route. You will get to Split in about 3 hours. The ticket price for this part of the journey is about 17 euros one way. Note: The earliest bus you can get is at 12:40, with arrival in Split at 15:20. Make sure you choose the shortest route.

Ticket booking and cost

An advance booking for this itinerary is important if you travel in busy July and August. For the rest of the year, there are always available places on the ferry and there is plenty of buses to Split available. Here is where to book your tickets:

  • For the first leg of your journey, Pula to Zadar ferry (ticket cost: 27 Euro) – Krilo/Kapetan Luka
  • For the second leg of your journey, Zadar to Split, (ticket cost: 17 Euro)
  • The total estimated one-way cost of the whole journey is 44 euros.

The alternatives

  1. Bus from Pula to Split with change in Rijeka
  2. Flight from Pula to Split with change in Zagreb
  3. Island hopping from Pula to Split (involves overnight on one or two of the islands)

Split to Pula by ferry

For the return journey, Split to Pula, you will start your trip in the morning or early afternoon from Split to get on a bus to Zadar to get on a ferry at 16:00 to Pula. You will arrive in Pula at 20:45. The total ticket cost is the same as above -> 44 euros. The alternatives are the same as above.

Departs Split (bus)dailymorning to early afternoon
– Arrives Zadar2 to 3 hours later
Departs Zadar (ferry)2-5 times a weeklate afternoon
– Arrives in Pula5 hours later
* available all year round

Journey Map

On the above map, you can see both steps of the journey: Step 1 – Pula to Zadar & Step 2 – Zadar to Split (see video of the ferry that currently serves on this route)

If you tried this transport route I would like to hear from you about your experience. Let me know your thoughts.

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