Ancona to Dubrovnik by Ferry

Getting by ferry from Ancona to Dubrovnik is a very good option to consider. If the weather is good this can be a relaxing journey with amazing views. At the present, no direct ferry line exists between Ancona and Dubrovnik. Travelers often use Bari to Dubrovnik crossing, but if you prefer to avoid getting by train or bus from Ancona to Bari to get on the ferry to Croatia, this is an excellent alternative. The total time for the whole journey is just under 17 hrs and includes one transfer. You will overnight on the first ferry while additional overnight is not essential. Here is what is available:

Dubrovnik Old Port panorama
Dubrovnik Old Port panorama

Ancona to Dubrovnik ferry schedules

Depending on the time of the year, you will depart from Ancona ferry port at about 20:00 hrs (note, on some dates, the departure is at 22:00, avoid it!). For this leg of the journey, you will take Jadrolinija’s or Snav’s car ferry that sails from Ancona to Split in Croatia.

This is an overnight ferry crossing and unless you are travelling on a very tight budget it is advisable to book the cabin well in advance. Also, make sure you take appropriate clothing and footwear.

You will arrive at the Split ferry port in the early morning, depending on the schedule, it will be sometime between 6 and 7 am. Make sure you exit the ferry as soon as you can as the estimated walk between the docking points of this ferry and the Dubrovnik ferry is about 10 minutes. The whole disembark and embark procedure will take a good 50 minutes.

From Split, take a fast catamaran ferry that sails to Dubrovnik port departing at 07:30. Another 4 hours of ferry crossing and you are in Dubrovnik at around 12:15 (midday)

Things to keep in your mind are that there are just once-a-day ferry crossings on the first leg of the journey, and 3 crossings on 2nd one, so keeping up with this tight schedule is important.

Plan B: If you, for whichever reason, miss your Split to Dubrovnik ferry connection, your best option is to either take a bus to Dubrovnik (about 4 hour ride) or overnight in Split and catch the same catamaran the following morning.

Ticket booking, schedules & cost

An advance booking for this itinerary is essential. These routes are not very frequent, just once a day and you don’t want to miss a connection. Here is where to book your tickets:

  • For the first leg of your journey, Ancona to Split, check timings and book your ticket in advance at this link
  • For the second leg of the journey, Split to Dubrovnik, timings and advance ticket booking are at this link
  • The total estimated one-way cost of both legs of the journey is about 66 + 37 = 103 Euros.

Tip – Several important points

  • Make sure to book a ferry that arrives in Split well before 8 am.
  • Make sure to book your connecting catamaran ferry well in advance as you will not have enough time to do it on the spot.
  • Check detailed ferry schedules for each leg of the journey as some crossings are not in operation all year round.

Dubrovnik to Ancona by ferry

For the return journey, Dubrovnik to Ancona, you have two options:

  • Option 1: Start your trip early morning from Dubrovnik at 7:00, and get Jadrolinija’s morning catamaran to Split. Spend a day in Split and take an evening overnight car ferry crossing to Ancona. You will be in Ancona the following day, early morning at 6:30 am, depending on the day of the week and itinerary.
  • Option 2: This option includes an overnight in Split. Get the afternoon 15:00 or 16:00 ferry from Dubrovnik to Split, arriving in Split at 20:45; overnight there and get a car ferry the following day to Ancona (as above)

This journey will also cost about 103 Euros.

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Journey Map

On the above map, you can see three steps of the journey: Ancona-Split-Dubrovnik

Videos of both ferries

Car Ferry Ancona to Split
Split to Dubrovnik fast catamaran ferry


Is there a direct ferry service between Ancona and Dubrovnik?

No, there is no direct ferry crossing from Ancona to Dubrovnik, but, there are ferries departing from Ancona and arriving at Dubrovnik via Split in Croatia. The journey, including one transfer, takes about 17 hours.

How long does the Ancona – Dubrovnik crossing take?

The total travel time is between 17 and 19 hours, depending on the route.

What is the distance between Ancona and Dubrovnik?

The shortest distance between Ancona & Dubrovnik is approximately 240 miles or 387 km.

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