Venice to Corfu Ferry

Venice to Corfu ferry is run by Anek Lines / Superfast ferry companies. It is currently a seasonal route, May to September that sails once a week. The journey lasts just under 25 hours. An overnight ferry with departures in the mornings or early afternoons arrives the next day to Corfu or Venice. This is a convenient ferry route that connects Italy with Greek islands. Here are the schedules, bookings, and prices.

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Schedules and timetables

Ferry RouteTime
Departs Venice12:00 noon
Arrives Corfu13:45 (following day)
Departs Corfu07:45
Arrives Venice07:30 (following day)

The usual timetable is a departure at 12:00 noon with arrival following day at 13:45. However, the timetable changes so make sure you check schedules for your particular dates carefully here.

Deck and Cabin Prices

Deck and Cabin FaresLow season (EUR)Mid Season (EUR)High Season (EUR)
Outside cabin / 2 persons/ wc & shower221266324
Outside cabin / 3 persons/ wc & shower137237280
Outside cabin / 4 persons/ wc & shower168201232
Dormitories / wc & shower128153182
Air Seats97110120
Deck Passengers8496106

Car, Campers, Motorcycle Prices

Cars, Minibus, Caravans PricesLow season (EUR)Mid season (EUR)High Season (EUR)
Cars & SUVs111137170
Minibuses, Caravans, Campers, Baggage trailers, Boat trailers 6 meters max length210303381
Motorcycles & Scooters546269
BicyclesFree of chargeFree of chargeFree of charge

Note: Bicycles are traveling for free. Pets surcharge is 50 Euro. Return tickets are cheaper than two one way options.

As this is a 25 hours overnight ferry crossing, it is advisable to book the cabin or deck seat well in advance. To fully enjoy your trip, get prepared and wear suitable clothing and footwear.

Anek car ferry on its way to Greece from Venezia, Italy
photo: Anek Ferries car ferry on its way to Greece from Venice

Boarding the ferry

  • Carefully check where is the exact location of the ferry terminal (see map, address, and how to get there for Venice and Corfu ports)
  • Arrive in the right terminal at least 2.5 hours prior to departure if you are a foot passenger. If you are travelling by car try to be in the port at least 3 hrs in advance.
  • Have your travel documents ready for immigration and border crossings which are situated in both ports just before the boarding points.
  • If you booked a cabin, check-in at the ferry reception desk where you will pick up your cabin keys. If you are a deck/foot passenger you are not required to check-in at the reception. Just proceed to the seating area/deck.
  • Video – Onboard the ferry – see video here

Venice Passenger Terminal

Ferry port in Venice from which all ferries to Corfu, Greece are departing and arriving is located in Fusina @ Fusina Ferry and Cruise Terminal. Address: Terminal Fusina, Via Moranzani, Venezia, Italy  – see detailed info about Venice ferry port and passenger terminal

Corfu Passenger Terminal

Ferry port in Corfu from which all ferries to Venice, Italy are arriving and departing is located in the centre of the town. Address: New port, Corfu, Greece; – see more info about Corfu passengers ferry terminal

Journey Map

check locations in the large map (link to map)

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