Trieste to Piran Ferry

Trieste to Piran Ferry is a seasonal ferry route (in operation June – September) and sailing 4-6 times per week. The ferry crosses a very short distance (21 km /11.4 nautical miles) across the Gulf of Trieste in the northern part of the Adriatic sea. The journey lasts just 40 minutes. The route is run by Liberty Lines, the Italian ferry company. This foot-passenger fast ferry crossing links Trieste in Italy with Piran, a small town at the Croatian & Slovenian border, on the Istrian peninsula. Here are the schedules, bookings, and ticket prices.

Liberty Lines fast ferry in full speed
(see the return trip from Piran to Trieste)

Schedules and timetables

Ferry RouteTime*Frequency
Departs Trieste4-6 times per weekmorning & afternoon
– Arrives in Piran40 minutes later**morning & evening
*June to September only; **depending on route

How long is the ferry ride from Trieste to Piran? The journey usually lasts 40 minutes to up to 3 hours (depending on the route). The current timetable includes morning & afternoon departures up to 6 times per week.

Trieste to Piran Passenger Ferry

There is just one fast ferry serving the passenger ferry route from Trieste to Piran. Run by the Italian ferry company Liberty Lines, the shortest journey time of about 40 minutes. This ferry does not take cars. They take just foot passengers, luggage, bikes, and pets. The last passenger ferry departure from Trieste is @ 5:30 pm on Wednesdays, from June to September.

Ticket Prices

How much does the Trieste to Piran ferry cost? Here is a table with current ticket prices:

Trieste to Piran (one-way, adult single ticket)
Deck (Foot) Passengersfrom €9 euros (from €14 euros adult return)
Bicyclesfrom €3 euros
Pets (Dog, Cat, Bird)Free*
* conditions apply, small pets only

Boarding passenger ferry

Get to the Molo 4 ferry terminal in Trieste at least 60 minutes prior to departure. As this ferry is crossing the border between Italy and Slovenia, have your travel documents ready for identification, customs, and passport control at the boarding point. At the boarding point, you may get a boarding card (or just show your emailed ticket) and after that, proceed to passport control. Once on board, leave your larger luggage in provided racks and take your seat in the lounge.

Latest ferry from Trieste to Piran

The latest ferry to reach Piran from Trieste is at 5:30 pm on Wednesdays.

Notes (Important to know)

  • How to get from Trieste to Piran? You can get there by passenger fast ferry or alternatively, by bus. It is only a 35 km distance and the bus ride is for 30 minutes.
  • There are no car ferries serving this route.
  • Bicycles are not traveling for free but it is very cheap to carry bikes on this route
  • No Pets surcharges
  • Return tickets are cheaper than two one-way options (check above)
  • It is advisable to book your ticket in advance for July & August departures
  • In case of bad weather and cancellation: If your ferry was canceled due to bad weather, you will be offered an alternative departure date.
  • check some tips on what to wear on the ferry

Onboard Facilities, Luggage & Food & Drink

The ferries that serve this route are HSC ferries – high-speed hydrofoils or catamarans, comfortable & air-conditioned. You are allowed two pieces of luggage with the extra charge for additional luggage. The larger luggage is held on the racks at the entrance of the ferry. The racks look similar to racks on trains. The crew helps with luggage. Your hand luggage you keep next to you, in the lounge.

There is a snack/coffee bar on board selling hot and cold drinks, crisps, and sandwiches. Onboard toilets are also available. The ferries have no mobile and laptop charging sockets or USB ports in the passenger lounge. None of the ferries has WIFI access (use your mobile data instead). All ferries are non-smoking.

Where to get tickets for the ferry from Trieste to Piran

Booking is available online usually from March of the current year. Your ticket is emailed to you with a bar code which is scanned when you get on the ferry. Buying tickets in advance guarantee you place on the ferry. Alternatively, on the day of travel, if any of the places are still available for the ferry crossing, you can buy a ticket 1.5 hours prior to departure at the boarding point at the Molo 4 ferry terminal in Trieste.

Trieste to Piran Car Ferry

Currently, there are no car ferry crossings between these two places. Your alternative is to drive. The driving time is about 30 minutes (approx distance 35 km). On your way, you will cross the Italian and Slovenian border.

Trieste Ferry Terminal

The ferry terminal in Trieste from where the ferry to Piran departs is located in Molo 4 Passenger Terminal, near the city center, bus & train station. Address: Trieste Terminal Passeggeri, Molo 4, Italy (map)

Piran Ferry Terminal

The Piran ferry terminal where the ferry from Trieste arrives is located in the center of the town’s deep bay, and a short walk from the bus station. Address: Dantejeva Ulica 4, 6330 Piran – Pirano, Slovenia; GPS: 45.52521, 13.56734 (map)

Journey Map

Here is a map that shows the ferry crossing:

Further travels by ferry

Once you arrive in Piran, you can get on the ferry to Venice and from there further down a cost by ferry to Greece (Corfu, Igoumenitsa & Patras).


Which ferry companies sail on Trieste to Piran crossing?

This ferry route is currently operated by Liberty Lines

How long does the Trieste – Piran crossing take?

The shortest travel time of this ferry route is around 40 minutes. Add extra time for check-in and boarding/border crossing procedures. How long in advance you need to be present is written on your ticket or on the ferry operator’s website.

How often does the Trieste – Piran ferry sail?

You can usually take this ferry 4 to 6 times per week, once or twice per day.

What is the distance between Trieste to Piran?

The shortest sea distance between Trieste & Piran is approximately 11 nautical miles or 21 km.